Film Analysis: The Film Matilda

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The film ‘Matilda’ directed by Danny DeVito was released in the year 1996 on the second of August. Danny DeVito illustrates Agatha Trunchbull in an evil and malicious way through the music used which is usually eerie and loud and her appearance which is quite unflattering and unapproachable. The camera angles used which were generally at a low angle also make Ms Trunchbull appear larger and more intimidating.
Firstly, Ms Trunchbull is shown to be an evil and malicious character through her negative appearance. Throughout the movie Ms Trunchbull is made to appear a lot bigger than most, especially in comparison to Miss Honey, her niece. This comparison clearly show to the audience which of the two characters hold the most power and which plays
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During scenes when Ms Trunchbull is about to catch someone doing something wicked or what she considers wicked, music full of suspense is used. This types of music creates tension amongst the audience leaving them full of questions and anticipation about what will happen next. Sometimes no music is used during scenes so the audience is able to clearly focus on what Ms Trunchbull may be saying, in these scenes sound effects are used instead. Loud, terrifying noises are used to make the audience uncomfortable or even frightened, an example of a sound effect used would be the sharpening of Ms Trunchbull’s knife. As well as being loud the sound effects and music used is also quite a low pitch/octave. This low pitch is used to clearly depict Ms Trunchbull as the evil character since Miss Honey usually has high pitch, upbeat music to show she is the benevolent one. As well as terrifying noises, disgusting sound effects are also used such as when Ms Trunchbull is eating chocolate from Miss Honey’s dad chocolate case. These noise make Ms Trunchbull’s action more dramatic and force the audience to see her as even more unflattering then as already is. Both diegetic and non-diegetic sounds were used during this film. An example of a diegetic sound would include the cracking of Ms Trunchbull’s whip since the characters in the scene…show more content…
All these aspects are extremely important in making a movie and helping the audience understand each individual character
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