Film Analysis : The Film ' The Help '

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The Cinema Help to Overturn Cultural Politics Issues in American Society.
This assay compares and contrasts mass culture film “The Help” debuted in 2011, directed by Tate Taylor, set in Jackson Mississippi in the 1960s. The Help represents various characters. However, characters to be analyzed in this film are: Celia Foot, Minny Jackson, and Hilly. In Contrast to The Help, is the feminist text “The Color Purple” directed by Steven Spielberg, released in 1985, set in 1900’s in the deep south of United States. In The Color Purple feminist came into existence ,because America likes to portray itself as a free country, when its history has been fill or saturate with oppression in many areas including gender ,race class, sexuality age, education ,and ,ability. However, Shug Avery, Sofia, and Celie Johnson characters from this film have the power to influence cultural politics in America society. This power of feminism serves as an ideal medium or standard in, which to bring to light these long standing issues of inequality, and ways in which this problems overlaps in terms of a concept of intersectionality within African American community, versus their white counter part. In my essay I will compare and contrast the representation of race, gender roles, and sexuality, as depicted in The Help and The Color Purple films.
African American women during the 1960’s faced various intersecting factors within their culture, and the main stream. These intersecting systems…
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