Film Analysis : The Matrix

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The Matrix is a film about the enslavement of humankind by artificial intelligence, sentient beings, with mechanical bodies, created by people to service humanity, and the discovery of a person, Neo, that possesses abilities that can defeat the Artificial Intelligence and manumit humanity. The majority of human beings have their consciousness/minds trapped within the Matrix, a computer simulated world in which their minds are born, live in, and die, while their bodies are connected to it via cerebral connection but, remain in a dormant slumber and are never used. While they are connected to the matrix, their bioelectricity is harvested, powering the artificial intelligence. Neo, with the help of Morpheus (the leader in the resistance…show more content…
The treatment of the soul and death within The Matrix universe is sustained by a set of assumptions about the nature of both the soul and death. The first being that if the soul is defined as an immaterial and incorporeal “you” that can exist beyond the body and is immortal – it doesn’t exist within this universe. What is defined to be the essence of a sentient being is the mind and the mind is mortal. The mind, within The Matrix universe, holds all the experiences, individual perspective and sentience that make up the core of who humans are and its mortality is recurring motif within the film, as seen with deaths of Mouse, Switch, and Apoc, and Neo within the matrix and the scene where Morpheus tells Neo that death within the Matrix is possible. A second assumption is that having a mind isn’t a distinctly human trait. Agents possess sentience but are programs. A third assumption is that what is defined as a body can be either organic or inorganic. The A.I. possess mechanical bodies that house their minds, as opposed to having organic bodies like humans. A fourth assumption is that there is a distinct connection between the mind and body and one can’t exist without the other. This is also scene with the deaths of Mouse, Switch, and Apoc, because their deaths within the matrix, which occurred as a result of the severed connection between the mind and
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