Film Analysis : The Neon Demon

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It was a chilly, blustery midnight in October. The phone ring was getting louder, signalling the witching hour eventually came. The autumn wind was forcefully blowing against the glass window as if it was attempting to break the window to see what was inside a dark silent room. In the dark room, I was uncontrollably thinking of the movie The Neon Demon which I’d just watched. My brain was ceaselessly working, visualizing each scene to find its definite explanation. I admit watching The Neon Demon isn’t an easy task since the movie itself doesn’t aim to entertain people. Rather, it pushes viewers in a position where they must respond to what they have visually witnessed. The Neon Demon follows Jesse, a sixteen-year-old orphan girl who…show more content…
Likewise, falling in love with Dean, Jesse continually met him although he was unable to support her financially and professionally. But the pleasurable feeling about a romantic couple that viewers have suddenly disappears and is replaced by horror thriller genre as the movie nearly reaches the climax. Specifically, Jesse was killed and eaten by three women, and her eyeball was digested by one of them. Clearly, by combing the two diametrically opposed genres of drama and horror, the movie The Neon Demon creates emotional tension among viewers, putting them into shock immediately. In addition to applying mixed genres, the movie The Neon Demon also utilizes stylistic techniques, a melodrama genre, to signal the profound transformation of the protagonist, Jesse from an innocent sweet girl to a narcissistic character. Specifically, the changing of light, color, and soundtracks collaborated remarks Jesse’s sharply shifting personality. For example, Jesse’s naivety was represented by the bright light, white color, and lovely tinkling sounds. As Jesse progressed into the modern fashion world, the light and color were getting darker and eventually turned into black. To be more specific, in the first catwalk, Jesse was centralized in the illuminated blue pyramid surrounded by the black background playing in heavily intense sounds. Clearly, by using a
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