Film Analysis : The Power Of Vertigo

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Film Analysis 1: The Power of Vertigo I remember watching Vertigo for the first time back when I was still very young, but at the time, I didn 't really understand anything about the movie. As I watched it again as I grew older, I learned to appreciate how great this movie really is and the special narrative style that the movie presented. Vertigo, to me, was always known as Alfred Hitchcock 's best film.
Most of Hitchcock’s well-known films like Psycho or North by Northwest have unique title sequences that were an important part of their respective themes and narratives. For Vertigo’s title sequence, it starts with an extreme close up of a woman’s lips, which suggests the foreshadowing of Judy’s role in the movie. The intro then shifts to the person’s eyes, while the eyes, referencing the idea of looking and watching like what Scottie will do for the most part of the movie. Visual motifs were presented during this sequence such as the spinning spiral patters. These were motifs that are carried through into the narrative.
The film is about John “Scottie” Ferguson, a detective who suffers from acrophobia, which is probably the reason for the title "Vertigo". He has guilt complex over what happened in the beginning of the movie when the police officer fell off and died. When he accepts to watch over his friend 's suicidal wife for his final job, he madly falls in love with ‘her’. Later on in the movie, Scottie tries to save ‘Madeleine’ from falling off a steeple, but was
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