Film Analysis : The Searchers

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Film Analysis-The Searchers Dean Childs ENG 225 Allison Sansbury November 10, 2014 The Searchers Throughout this class, various discussions and blogs have been used to analyze the different elements of films such as theme, cinematic techniques and genre. It is time to bring all of these separate elements together in the analysis of one specific film, according to class text, “analyzing levels of meaning below the surface story can greatly enhance enjoyment as well as understanding of a film” (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014. p. 10.03). There are several different approaches to film analysis including formalist, auteurist, and generic or any combination thereof. Utilizing a genre theory lens, the 1956 film The Searchers will be analyzed addressing contextual information, story/plot, aesthetic choices, social/personal impact and how these areas come together to develop the film. The Searchers came out in 1956 and has been named the number one film for western genres by the AFI’s 10 top 10 (American Film Institute, 2014.). This film was directed by John Ford with Winton C. Hoch as the cinematographer. It starred John Wayne as Ethan Edwards, the ex-confederate war soldier with a chip on his shoulder. Walter Coy plays Ethan’s brother Aaron, who seems more than a little wary of his brother whom he has not seen in over three years. Jeffery Hunter is Martin Pawley whom Ethan found and rescued as an infant and has become part of the family, even though he is
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