Film Analysis and Different Viewpoints on A Woman Under the Influence, and Wanda

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I. Introduction
Beginning in the late 1960’s, a new film movement known as New Hollywood began, rapidly replacing the Classical method of filmmaking. This era was unique because many popular films of the time were produced outside of the studio system, shot on-location, and with non-professional actors and actresses. These “art films” were brash, irreverent, and full of anger. While directors during this time used drastically different methods to achieve their final product, the meaning they attempted to convey through their art was often quite similar in its presentation and encompassment of society. According to David Bordwell, “stylistic devices and thematic motifs may differ from director to director, [but] the overall functions
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The home was a natural setting for such films: it provided a forum for the representation of the anger of the times within a highly relatable environment. As such, films which touched on family dynamics like Five Easy Pieces (1970) and Last Picture Show (1971) were largely successful.
While it is hard to argue the Vietnam War did not profoundly influence filmmaking in the 1970’s, these films also reflected a deeper truth about the quickly changing state of domesticity. A 1977 study called “Updating the Life Cycle of the Family” from the Journal of Marriage and Family tells us that during the 1970’s, there were more single parent families than ever before, due to rising rates of separation and divorce. It also found that mothers devoted less time to childbearing than in the 1950’s or 60’s, and that the average size of the family was smaller (down from four children to three, on average), resulting in a restructuring of previously well-defined roles. (Glick 8) This data was clearly in the minds of directors John Cassavetes and Barbara Loden when they made their respective films: A Woman Under the Influence involves a three child family and in Wanda, we see only two children.
III. Left and Right Cycles
Besides the emphasis on the restructured family and changing parental roles, A

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