Film Analysis of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Essay

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In Michael Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), the connections between people and memories become the focal point of a very unique romance. Through the use of new technology, the possibility of erasing memories makes painful relationships disappear like they never happened. The tale of Joel and Clementine allows the audience to rethink and question the process they undergo as beneficial or destructive. Though the process might be helpful in eliminating the pain caused from another person, four key scenes show how the lessons learned through relationship experiences are important. At the start of the film, Joel Barish (Jim Carey) finds himself waking up in the morning from what appears to have been a deep sleep. With a …show more content…
Though Joel is very nervous and unsure about walking out onto the frozen river, Clementine runs and slides past him. After falling and getting up, she then pressures Joel to step out of his comfort zone and to walk out onto the ice. At this point, the outing becomes more than just a part of a romantic date, but also a new experience for Joel. While Joel is normally quiet and to himself about everything, this outing made him get out of his comfort zone and do something he otherwise wouldn’t even think to do. With this being a new experience for him to loosen up and have some fun, such a lesson could provide him a change of pace from the dull and boring routine of his normal life. Another scene in the movie is the fight between Clementine and Joel. Joel is sitting at home worried late one night when Clementine shows up at three in the morning tipsy. She tells Joel that she wrecked his car, which upsets Joel. He begins letting his emotions get the best of him and fires off by telling her how she was being irresponsible and could have seriously injured someone. Responding to the criticism, Clementine tells Joel he sounds like an old lady. The small argument grows larger as the two begin throwing low blows targeting each other’s insecurities. At this point, Clementine quickly grabs her things and leaves. Having a dispute with someone is a part of life. Being in a relationship causes closeness with that other person and allows each to know the
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