Film Analysis of 'The Gods Must Be Crazy'

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Analysis of "The Gods Must Be Crazy" (Order # A2059556) In 1980 a low-budget South African film was released which over the years has not only spawned a number of sequels, but took a rather humorous look at the cultural differences between so-called "primitive" cultures and the modern world. The film was called "The Gods Must Be Crazy," was written and directed by South African filmmaker Jamie Uys, and called by the New York Magazine "pure play, an amiable shaggy-dog story in which the awesome wilderness serves as an adaptable prop." (Denby, 47) It told the story of a Ju/hoansi bushman who journeyed to the end of the Earth to discard a Coke bottle; and along the way encountered the modern world for the very first time. Modern society was presented through the eyes of a person who had never encountered it before, and while the interaction was often portrayed as hilarious, it also provided a interesting view of the modern world from a most unlikely source. Uys' film captures the interaction between members of two very different societies with very different sets of values. It begins when a coke bottle is thrown out of the window of a passing airplane and lands in the village of a group of primitive Kalahari Bushmen. Because they had never had contact with the outside world, they had no knowledge of what the bottle was, and believed that it was a gift from their gods. However, as they found a number of uses for this item, the Bushmen began to fight over possession the

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