Film Analysis of 'The Sound of Music'

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This is because producers and directors are using different techniques that will enhance their ability to entertain. The Sound of Music is taking numerous ideas and is integrating them together. To fully understand what is happening, there will be an examination of the film and various concepts. This will be accomplished by focusing on: the storytelling, acting, cinematography, editing, sound, style / directing, impact of the film on society / vice versa, genre, application of at least one approach and overall textual themes. Together, these elements will highlight the effects of the film and how it has influenced others inside the industry.
Summary of the Sound of Music The Sound of Music is based off of a 1959 Broadway play that was written by Howard Lindsey and Russell Crouse. In 1965, it was adapted to the big screen and is a classic. The movie takes place in Austria during the rise of Adolph Hitler in the late 1930s. ("Plot," 2008) ("The Sound of Music," 2002) (Wald, 2007) The film begins by showing Maria in an open and beautiful field. This gives her inspiration and a sense of adventure (based upon the images that images she sees). She works at an abbey and is continuing to face a number of difficulties. This is because Maria has the reputation for being mischievous and not following the practices of the nuns.…

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