Film Analysis of Twilight Samurai

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Introdution Twilight Samurai is a movie that revolves around the live of a samurai, years before the Meiji Restoration. The main issues that the movie looked at include stereotype of samurais, genders and social class differences. Unlike many typical samurai-themed movies which involve fighting, woman and pride, the director of Twilight Samurai focused on the everyday life and difficulties faced by the main protagonist, Iguchi Seibei. His story was told by her daughter, Ito who narrated the whole movie. Therefore, it can be said that this movie is based on the fond memories of her father. She was still very young when these incidents happened which changed her father’s life irrevocably. Samurai Stereotype Unlike other samurais who…show more content…
Therefore, the way Iguchi live his life tells me that if he is given a choice, he would definitely choose not be born to be a samurai. Although samurais are considered to be nobility, he would rather give up this prestigious title to be a humble farmer. This goes to show that he is a rather unambitious man, to the point of almost lackadaisical, leading a simple life of growing crops and seeing his precious daughters grow up. Whilst Iguchi was inside the house to fight Zenemon Yogo, Iguchi did not have the desire to fight and kill him. Instead, he sat down and chatted with Zenemon and told him that he could still run if he wants to. He was hesitant about fighting and even lied that his sword was a bamboo but a fight still ensued in the end. This was different from the typical samurai who would begin fighting and slaying his enemies upon seeing them. When Tomoe brought Kayano and Ito to a festival which can only be attended by the peasants, she told them that had it not been for the peasants, there would not have samurais. Tomoe’s opinions are forward-thinking and do not think that samurais should be forbid from the festival. Gender Inequality In the movie, women are seen to be unimportant and should only be housewives. While Iguchi encouraged his daughters to study hard, their great uncle commented that girls do not need to
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