Film Analysis on Freedom Writers

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Film Analysis Essay on Freedom Writers Main Credits Title: Freedom Writers Director: Richard LaGravenese Scriptwriter: Richard LaGravenese Adapted from: The Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell Actors/Main characters: Hilary Swank-Erin Gruwell, Patrick Dempsey-Scott Casey, Scott Glenn-Steve Gruwell, Imelda Staunton-Margaret Campbell, April L. Hernandez-Eva Benitez, Jaclyn Ngan-Sindy, Jason Finn-Marcus, John Benjamin Hickey- Brian Gelsord, Plot Summary The movie “Freedom Writers” is based on a true story. Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell plays an inspirational teacher at Wilson High School. Her class consists of different races and groups--African Americans, Latinos, Asians, gang members, and underprivileged students from poor neighborhoods.…show more content…
At first it seems impossible and that’s where the resolution stage comes. Erin Gruwell was given permission to continue teaching them and the relationship between students, their racial differences and backgrounds came together and in conclusion we can see how everything progressed and was resolved. From conclusion we learn that we have to go after what we believe in. Commentary on the key characters and actors who portrayed them Most of the time movies about school have certain types of characters such as Master Teacher, Fuddy Duddy, Troopers and students so is this movie. All of those characters played a significant role in order to portray the story effectively. A lot depended on the actors as well and their ability to be adapted to the characters they were assigned to play. Hilary Swank plays Erin Gruwell, the Master teacher who demonstrates excellence and enthusiasm inside and outside of the classroom and aims for the better in order to educate the students. She tried to make everyone lives easier, but that is impossible. However, she achieved what she believed in because of her spirit and technique. She learned that sometime you have to make sacrifices and sometimes people will get hurt, but it is all for the best. Therefore, she is a round character; we see her transformation from a shy and unsure of her abilities to woman who fights for what she believes in. Concerning Hilary Swank as an actor portraying Erin, she adapted very
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