Film Analysis on Movie John Q

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1. a. Perception means understanding a situation, and having insight on it; individuals connecting to their environment. In negotiation you need to interpret what the other party says and means. (Lewicki, p139) b. In the movie John Q the main character John acts like he is a threat and the cops think he is going to kill the hostages if he does not get what he wants. The cops have a different perception of the type of man John is. He won’t stop until his son gets the help he needs to survive. The public sees the situation as a man desperately trying to save his son any way he can and he is looked at as a hero. John’s son needs a heart transplant and he cannot get on the transplant list because Johns insurance does not cover that. The…show more content…
To improve the situation John was going to die to give his son his heart, when they found a donor. Under the circumstances that his son did not find a donor, John decided he would save his son himself. The hospital improved the situation by finding a donor for John’s son. 5. a. there is three types of body language and nonverbal communication, eye contact, body positioning, and encouragement. Making eye contact is extremely important. Making eye contact in a conversation shows the other person that you are listening and you are interested in what is being said. Not making any eye contact makes the other person think you have no interest. Adjusting body positions are important because sitting straight up shows you care, when you slouch during an important conversation you are communicating you don’t care. Facing the person sitting straight up shows you respect them and what is being said. Nonverbally encouraging or discouraging what others say can be demonstrated in a conversation by using hand gestures and facial movement. Actively nodding and showing you are interested without talking are nonverbal ways of communication. (Lewicki, p 184-185) b. John makes eye contact with his hostages and waves a gun around to show everyone how serious the situation is. His eyes are dark, he just wants to save his son, he finds his sons doctor and they make eye contact and walk away. The police outside stand tall paying close attention to the
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