Film, Art And Literature Essay

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In modern day society, many of us are able to retrace historical patterns through television, film, art and literature. The development of cinematic film and moving images in the nineteenth and twentieth century has proven to be a very influential tool to engage mass amounts of people. Motion picture serve as a gateway to fantasies, allowing audiences to enter a world filled with various types of characters and vivid scenes. Films have also been utilized to transmit truths about humanity in a way that is easier to grasp through a fictional format. Tough and uncomfortable topics such as war, religion, politics and intimacy can be addressed with film to present these themes into the minds of the many. The more popular cinema became, the more films could reach out to a lot of people adding onto popular culture. Cinema creates a way to share cultural experience, which expands knowledge of disconnected lifestyles through these publications. It helps us further our perception of these blurred lines of heritage and other cultures. However, by basing one’s knowledge on a certain idea, which can then be shared to many, it can be risky when members of these cultures are distorted or disguised in a stereotypical, inaccurate or confounding manner. Silent cinema provided a platform for Native Americans to be acknowledged as a culture but also became a medium of racism and stereotyping due to the producers and creators in power. The way many portray and view Native Americans in film now
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