Film As A Social Icon

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Daniela Velasquez Dr. Partin Film as a Social Icon Movies Discussed: Juno (2007), Friends With Benefits (2011), Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008), The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013), Avatar (2009), Wall-E (2008), The Social Network (2010), The Purge (2013), The World Trade Center (2006). Film is a way that one can look back in time and see the reflection of the ideals and morals of people in a specific time period. The way in which films are written and created say a lot about the audiences of the time period that were indeed watching the films. Some films push the boundary however, of what specific audiences are used to and that is when films can be used as teaching tools to inform viewers of different perspectives that can also be thought of. The 90’s and the 2000’s were a time where many films began pushing limits to make audiences more aware. Juno (2007) is one of the films that is very telling about a specific time period, but again, pushes the limits on what audiences are used to watching. Juno deals with the common issues that we see in the world today, like an unexpected teenage pregnancy. In other eras previous to the 2000’s sex was a taboo subject matter that not many people talked about, in the 1950’s married couples on films were seen sleeping in different beds, because sex was one of those “unspoken” matters that people refused to mention. With the new age, the 2000’s represent a time where sex is everywhere, in
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