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Auterism Auter is defined as a French term for the film director who places a personal style on his or her films. It was first coined by Francois Truffaut to describe the mark of a film director on his films. A director can be considered an auteur if about five of his films depict a certain style that is definitely his own. In other words, much like one can look at a painting and tell if it is a Monet, a Renoir, or a Degas, if a film director is an auteur, one can look at his film and tell by style and recurring themes that it was made by a certain director. In auteur films, the director is many times what brings an audience to the theater, instead of the actors or storyline. Often famous directors are more highly billed in…show more content…
He quickly re-shot many shots to add sound. Stylistically, Rear Window was one of Hitchcock’s famous experiments. Almost the entire movie is shot in the main character’s apartment and out of his apartment window. In North by Northwest as with many of his others including Vertigo and Rear Window, Hitchcock sets up his hero as being the only one who knows the truth. This again creates audience sympathy for this character. Also very Hitchcockian is that the main character becomes the detective. Stylistically, the audience stays with the main character, only knowing as much as he does. After watching Fellini’s films La Dolce Vita, 8-1/2, Juliet of the Spirits, La Strada, and City of Women certain characteristics are noticeable. In all of these films, imagery was very important, which he is probably most noted for. However, a recurring set of character archetypes was also apparent. These archetypes are the sex object, the wife, and the typical man.      The Sex object is first found in 8-1/2. The young boy and his friends encounter the prostitute. With this encounter, we see that a mixed batch of emotions including: delight, cruelty, wonder, fright, and guilt. The whore’s sexuality and the boy’s responses to it are shown with crosscuts between her suggestive motions and their shock and ultimate joy. When she invites the boy to

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