Film, Cinema And The Location Of Politics Essay

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Within the article, ‘Non-Cinema and The Location of Politics in film’, Lúcia Nagib captures the moment where films suggest ways of transforming thought and society along with them. He inquires whether conventional cinema itself would still be alive and able to contribute to social change in today’s world or if we have advanced to realist-cinema as a medium to spark change. He proposes to think along the lines of ‘realist-cinema’, a medium which disregards its own limits in order to politically interfere with the other arts and life itself rather than conventional cinema, a medium which adheres to please an audience and often doesn’t show the truth through ‘masking’ events. This sparks controversy among audiences while exposing the truth behind some of the worlds most important issues and history. Within this essay, it will uncover that realist-cinema is superior to the conventional cinema because it can expose and shock audiences to contribute to social awareness and change among a society rather than showing an impression and manipulation of reality. As presented in the film ‘The Act of Killing’ directed by Joshua Oppenheimer, realist cinema gives the film a memorable and distinctive style that shocks audiences and their views on their own society and history. This essay will discuss realist cinema’s purposes related to the film, conventional cinematic elements and how they are defied within the film and the outcome and audiences responses to the use of realist cinema.
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