Film Critique : What Makes A Good Mystery?

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Film Critique Introduction What makes a good Mystery? What has to happen for the suspense of the mystery to be affective? Should there be an exciting twist within the suspense of the movie for the mystery to take place? Is it the unknown of the storyline that makes the mystery compelling and exciting? Where there are dark places, law breaker, and a twisted plot with some uncertainty are typical sign of a mystery film. The suspense of the story draw you in and the twisted surprising conclusions leave you speechless. A mystery film typically takes place in a dark setting in crime ridden areas. There is usually a serious crime that is unsolved or a suspect on the loose as a passionate, determined detective or officer looking to solve it in…show more content…
Other cast members were Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Pete Postlethwaite, Kevin Pollak, and Chazz Palminteri; the movie was released on February 16, 1995. Furthermore the film has a bunch twist and turns that leads to the movie’s final scene; which no one sees it coming. Five criminals set out on a heist that didn’t go according to plan, and ended up in a police station being interrogated. However, the only surviving person left to tell the story of what actually happen was Verbal, the guy with the disability. He walks with a limp, he doesn’t have full mobility with his arm, and sometimes he has problems expressing himself or putting his words together; which makes him seem as if he is incapable of committing this caliber of a crime. Throughout the movie Verbal suggest that Keyser Soze, who is a mystery character to Dave Kujan the U.S custom agent. As a result, Dave Kujan thinks that Verbal is lying and Keyser Soze is his co-conspirator. However, Verbal paints this picture that Keyser Soze is this scary, terrifying monster that all the criminals are afraid of and he is the master mind behind all the killings. In the end the custom agent finally makes since of the entire interrogation and who is really keyser Soze but it’s too late. In an article written by the University of Montana (1014) aesthetics was defined as “a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of art, beauty, and taste, with
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