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Christian Stiers Human Geography Linguists Film Analysis 1. Why do linguists study languages, and what is lost when a language dies? Figure out possible ways the human mind can make sense of the world around it. Some unique way of seeing the world could be lost. 2. What areas do Gregory and David choose when they are looking for languages to research? Areas most in need and areas with history of colonization. India, Bolivia, and Siberia are some examples. 3. Who typically stops speaking the indigenous language, and why do you think that is? Often children, because they integrate into a more popular language. They do this for an economic advantage. 4. What has been the role of boarding schools on the…show more content…
10. Why do researchers Gregory and David show indigenous people the audio and video records they created? It’s important for them to show the audio and video records so they can reconnect with their past and remember their indigenous culture. 11. Using the website, find how many languages in the world are threatened or endangered, and which are the languages that have the fewest speakers in the world. Which region has the most threatened languages in the world? The Pacific has the fewest speakers in the world. There are 1,531 languages in threatened and 916 languages endangered. Asia has the most threatened languages in the world, Indonesia having the highest rate within Asia. Hawaiian language only has 1000 speakers, but it has stabilized in this number and there is now school instruction in the language. Amahai is a nearly extinct language in Indonesia with only 50 native speakers.

Linguistics: The Film Analysis The film Linguists is a very unique exploration into the indigenous cultures and the prevalence of their languages. Researchers Gregory and David examine endangered languages in several regions to further understand the different ways the human mind can make sense of the world around it. Linguists covers a diverse range of topics regarding the importance of language to culture, the number of languages that are
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