Film Films Of Alfred Hitchcock

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Films of Alfred Hitchcock
Humans have an insatiable urge for entertainment, part of which is often satisfied through watching movies. Whenever a movie is written and subsequently produced, there are a couple of themes that accompany it. Though all movies have a significant amount of simulated actions, many of the themes do occur in the real life. Writers tend to have a particular thought to develop into a plot, which is often inspired by real-life events. Then, when a movie is being written and produced, the relevant personnel decide which genre to adopt. Horror, science fiction and action are some of the categories for movies. In this paper, the focus lies on a 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho where a theme comprising of violence, sex and phallic proxy will be discussed.
This horror movie, which has won several awards, has continued to be listed among the best-produced films especially because of encompassing several themes. The story focuses on a secretary, Marion Crane, who together with the boyfriend has financial issues. The duo’s marriage plans are adversely affected by the huge debts they have to pay. When Crane meets Sam, the boyfriend, for lunch the latter tells the fiancée that all the money they would get will have to pay the fast-accruing debt. Upon finishing the lunch, Crane goes back to the workplace where the boss instructs the secretary to deposit some $40,000 to the bank paid by a client for a service. Interestingly, Crane seeks permission to take the…
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