Film Films Of Alfred Hitchcock

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Films of Alfred Hitchcock Humans have an insatiable urge for entertainment, part of which is often satisfied through watching movies. Whenever a movie is written and subsequently produced, there are a couple of themes that accompany it. Though all movies have a significant amount of simulated actions, many of the themes do occur in the real life. Writers tend to have a particular thought to develop into a plot, which is often inspired by real-life events. Then, when a movie is being written and produced, the relevant personnel decide which genre to adopt. Horror, science fiction and action are some of the categories for movies. In this paper, the focus lies on a 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho where a theme comprising of violence, sex…show more content…
As noted with the other movies, there is hardly a film with a single theme; many have more than even two, and Psycho is no exception. Even though it has a number of these, this paper, as already indicated will primarily focus on sexuality, violence and phallic of proxy. When Crane decides to vanish with her employer’s money, the boss unfortunately, sees her. Consequently, this causes her to be nervous, and makes wrong decisions in the process. After overcoming the seemingly opposition fronted by a police officer who finds her asleep, Crane continues to a motel called Bates motel, belonging to a Mr. Norman Bates(Smith, p14). Up to that point, one can see several themes including that of symbolic economy. First, when Crane decided to steal the money, the financial pressure she was experiencing catalyzed the decision. It is not always that horror movies are used in relation to money-related issues, and especially in matter of debts. Yet, movies have a way of affecting people in a number of positive ways especially when the plot resonates with the normal life. According to Breslin (p.176), the media, especially through the movies influence and influence the human behavior significantly. When showing a woman who decides to elope with the employer’s money, the Psycho captures the mind of the viewers as it related with the cases they face each day. The issue of symbolic economy in the movie is not limited to the theft
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