Film Form

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Week 2 Film: The Wizard of Oz
FORM: is the sum of all parts of the film, unified and given shape by patterns such as repetition and variation, story lines and character traits.
- Film is not the product of a random collection of technical devices, but rather, it is a system

- Artworks involve us by engaging our senses, feelings and mind in a process.
- The artwork cues the spectator to perform a specific activity.
 Example: A poem’s words may guide us to imagine a scene, to notice a break in rhythm or to expect a rhyme
- Like all artworks, film is not simply a random batch of elements, film has a form.
- Film form is the overall system of relations that we can perceive among the elements in the
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• I.e. A characters sly expression may prepare us for the later revelation of their villainous side
• A tragic event might be undercut by lighthearted music
 Emotional response felt by the spectator
- Just as formal “Conventions” can make us suspend our normal sense of real life experience; form may lead us to override our everyday emotional responses.
 People who we Despise in life may become spellbinding as characters
 Wizard of Oz: We might find the land of Oz much more appealing than Kansas, but because the films form leads us to sympathize with Dorothy in her desire to go home, we feel satisfied when she finally returns home to Kansas.
- Expectation spurs emotion
 To have an expectation about what will happen is to incest some emotion in the situation.
• Delayed fulfillment of an emotion (suspense), may produce anxiety or sympathy
• Gratified expectations may create a feeling of relief

Form and Meaning
- When we watch films, we’re looking to attribute a deeper significance or meaning to the artwork as a whole.
- As spectators we develop meaning based upon the juxtaposition of images and sounds in the film, and the way we perceive them is shaped by our own cultural & social experiences.
- REFERENTIAL MEANING – (During the Great Depression, a tornado takes a girl from her family’s Kansas farm to the Land of Oz After a series of
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