Film, Fruitvale Station, Directed By Ryan Coogler

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In society, social problems are often brought to the public’s attention through popular culture and media. The compelling film, Fruitvale Station, directed by Ryan Coogler is a nod to many social problems found in the United States of America today. The film portrays social problems like poverty among minorities, racial profiling and especially police brutality through the last 24 hours of Oscar Julius Grant III’s life. The star-studded film not only pays homage to Grant but also to the ideas of poverty and police brutality. The film all but shouts at the audience that the minorities, especially African Americans, suffer from many economic and social disadvantages that needs attention. At the 2013 Sundance Movie Festival by means of great…show more content…
For instance, Katie, who Grant helped at the store, wore nice bright clothing and spoke without the slang that riddled the speech of those from Grant’s neighborhood (Fruitvale Station). The social issue of high poverty rates among minorities was exhibited communally in Fruitvale Station. As the viewer walks through Grant’s life and interactions Coogler shows that poverty is not a problem Grant faces alone. Instead, he displays it as a problem everyone in the area manages; including his friends, girlfriend, family members, and community members. The director often reveals his sister Chantay calls Grant because she is unable to pay her rent for the month (Fruitvale Station). By showing this scene the director is articulating that even with a job she lacks the resources to for basic living conditions. The poverty experienced by the community reenacted in the film is true to Oscar Grant’s life as well as the idea of poverty in the Untied States. According to research done by the American Psychological Association, members of minority groups are more likely to be impoverished than member of non -minority groups. This is often due to wage inequality between minorities and non-minorities (American Psychological Association). Per U.S poverty statistics, the poverty rate for the U.S population is 13.5% the rate varies greatly by race. Non-Hispanic whites have the lowest at about 9 percent, Hispanic have a poverty rate of about 21.4 percent, and Non-Blacks

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