Film: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Essay

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Film: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Joanna Drayton returns unexpectedly from Hawaii to announce her engagement to an intelligent, accomplished, world traveling doctor. The only problem with the intended union is that he is African American and she is white. The Drayton’s come face to face with their own principles and realize that their daughter is the way they brought her up to be – non-prejudicial. Turmoil and anxiety ensue as Joanna insists that her parents give their approval by the end of the night. A dinner with both sets of parents follows, where the parents must come to terms with the bi-racial marriage. This film gives an insightful look into the realities of interracial marriage and proves to be useful in examining the
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Parents, religious groups, as well as peer groups can all be teachers of culture.

Tillie, the housekeeper, had a surprising reaction to the situation at hand. When she hears the news of the marriage she pulls John aside and makes several disturbing comments. The first was about, “a member of my own race getting above hisself,” and “civil rights is one thing, this something else.” Her behavior depicts that she could of been brought up to believe that the white race was above the black race. Her response was different from that of the two sets of parents, whom only seemed concerned due to the external problems the union would induce.

Interpersonal communication tends to be a series of punctuated events. Punctuation is the tendency to divide communication transactions into sequences of stimuli and responses. Usually people punctuate continuous sequences of events into stimuli and responses to make a situation more convenient. How a person punctuates, or interprets a situation is crucial to interpersonal understanding.

John is a practical, intelligent man and foresees the problems that may arise from their interracial marriage. He understands Joanna’s parents fears and concerns for their daughter’s welfare. He agrees not to go through with the marriage unless they approve. He loves Joanna and desires to marry her, however he doesn’t want her to do damage to her relationship with her parents in the process.

The two
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