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William Shakespeare was one of the most remarkable storytellers that the world has known. His ability to summarize the range of human emotions in verses, from his plays, is the greatest reason for his popularity. Many of Shakespeare’s plays have been acted towards audiences or filmed for viewers. The film Hamlet, directed by Kenneth Branagh, is a drama/thriller film. It was released December 25, 1996. It is the only non cut or shortened film version of the classic play updated to the 19th century. To summarize, the film is about a prince named Hamlet, son of the king of Denmark, who is traumatized by his father’s murder. He is announced home for his father’s funeral and his mother’s wedding to his Uncle Claudius. Hamlet discovers that…show more content…
Thus, by examining the film Hamlet, it is clear that Kenneth Branagh kept his film in a similar fashion to the original play. Throughout the film, I noticed the remarkable acting. Back in the Shakespearean era, rehearsal time was limited. Because of this, actors would do ‘cue acting ‘. This is where a person would stand backstage and whisper the lines to the actor just before being said. In this case, cue acting was not needed. Each actor portrayed their character flawlessly. They showed emotion when needed, conformed their facial expressions when angry, sad, happy etc. and showed passion throughout. For example, each character got the opportunity to perform a monologue. Every individual nailed their facial expressions, emotions and the use of their body to tell the story. You could tell that before they stepped on screen their lines were practiced extensively. With the dedication and passion of each actor, Kenneth Branagh, was able to create the vison that he had in mind to recreate the play of Hamlet. The costume designers did an amazing job throughout the play representing the clothing during the Shakespearean era and reflected the person’s social ladder in society. In other words, there were rules that controlled what you could and could not wear according to your social status. In the Hamlet film, the actors wore the clothing of the Shakespearean time. Some were made for the actors
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