Film Industry in CIVET Countries

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Film Industry in CIVET Countries Colombia Colombia's population, ranked as the third most populated South American country, seems to have a ready audience for the film industry to tap. On the contrary though, the Colombian government has failed to develop an elaborate film industry. One of the major reasons for this is the tendency of the local population preference for foreign Hollywood movies. Although Colombia has had an abundant production of soap operas and documentaries, it is still far from achieving top notch film industry. Moreover, civil wars and political instability has dented the film industry in Colombia. However, Colombia has a well defined folk culture that many of the would-be cinema goers are engaged in (Stock, 1997, pg 60). Indonesia The film industry in Indonesia has been gathering momentum after a decline that started in the 1980s. In December 2005, she held her second Indonesia Film Festival (IFF) after a barren 12 years in the film industry. In this event, 27 films were nominated for the various categories available. Riri Reza's movie "Gie" scooped the prestigious best film award in the event. The decline in the film industry observed after the 1980s was mainly due to the emergence of Jaringan 21 which featured multiplexes that operated in shopping malls. This trend led to a shift in the behavior of film goers and more teens were attracted to these Jaringan 21 which eventually monopolized all the major films. It also became the main suppliers of

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