Film Music And The Modern Day

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Music has been used to propel the narrative in silent films throughout its history, but how did Bource achieve this in a silent film made in the modern day? This essay will be discussing the original styles used in silent film music, how Bource used them today in such an award winning way, and how he added his own imprint, and arguably modern flare to the music of The Artist. Silent films first appeared around the 1890s in America. 1 They are films that were without synchronised sound and especially no spoken dialogue. Music was recognised as an important part of film/moving images from the beginning, as it contributed to the atmosphere of the films and allowed the audience to understand and feel the emotions being portrayed. 2 When music was first being combined with moving image pianos, organs and phonographs were the first instruments used to provide the music, and as the popularity of film grew over the years, some of the larger theatres began using orchestras to accompany the film. 3 This early film music had many influences from different genres, such as jazz and blues, ragtime, vaudeville, and the style of music from Broadway musicals was also becoming popular. 4 Film “composers” of this era had a wealth of popular music to draw on in order to create the music for the silent films they were working on. The varying genres also meant that they were able to create different styles and moods of music to suit the different genres of film, or the different
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