Film Photography Process Analysis Essay

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Ever wonder how those wonderful, abstract photographs in the museums came to be? How the photographer organized and developed the image hanging in front you? Most people don’t realize or understand the process of developing a photograph and turning it into a museum print beyond just taking the picture; like composing the image, developing the film, printing the image, and framing it. If you’re interested, I’ll show you just about everything I do as a photographer to get complete, framed print ready for the gallery. First and foremost, I have to buy my film of course. Choosing what film to shoot with involves deciding what film speed, or ISO, I want my film to be depending on if I’m shooting during the day, at night, portraits, color…show more content…
If you overexpose the paper, it’ll come out too dark or even just completely black. So once I’ve figured out what settings are right, I expose the paper to the light with the enlarger, and develop the paper through a similar process as the film development. But now it’s 2 minutes in the developer for the paper, 1 minute in stop bath, 8 minutes divided into two separate fixer baths, and 30 minutes to completely wash all those chemicals off the print. After all that, the paper can sit to dry. Once dry, I mount it on mount board by gluing tissue paper to the back of the image onto the board and pressed all together in a heat compressor to stick everything together. Then, once it’s framed, it’s good to go into a gallery! And just finding a gallery to accept your image is a whole ‘nother endeavor. Maybe now you get an idea of what happens beyond the camera and just taking the picture. So next time you’re at a photographic museum, you can appreciate the hard work and determination that went to creating the images surrounding you and why they cost so
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