Film Piracy and It's Effects in the Industry

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Film Piracy and its effect on the Industry
Five Advantages of Film Piracy:
These are the "advantages" one might see for why to commit film piracy, but I by know way endorse such a thing.
• You can save money
• Sometimes one may have the advantage of seeing a film before it is released on DVD
• It's been made a lot easier to get ahold of pirated films and can usually be downloaded in minutes
• one can peer-to-peer share with friends
• One might see it as free publicity for the film

Five Disadvantages of Film Piracy:
• Film Piracy is the unauthorized use or reproduction of movies in print, videos, DVD, or electronic files by uploading or downloading; an upload is when a person sends or makes available a file; a download is when a person
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I wonder if this is really Hollywood's way of two-tiered marketing. Supply movie theatres with blockbuster releases and make huge profits at concession stands as well as the box office then market bootlegs (Yes, I am asking aloud if they might be in on it) to the people who cannot afford to enjoy the deluxe movie experience.
• They look at us as losers, a negligible group on the margins of society and would rather we be kept out of their shiny cineplexes, lest our BO offend the other patrons or we try to pester them for spare change.

Piracy is a thorny issue in the Philippines. I think very few here can be holier-than-thou and say they haven't bought a pirated game, bootleg DVD or other counterfeit good at some point. Yet most of us agree that piracy is a crime.

Read my Infotech article "Game piracy may be financing other crimes: ESA exec," based on my e-mail interview with Ric Hirsch, senior vice president for intellectual property enforcement of the Entertainment Software Association. ESA is the US industry association representing the world's biggest game publishers, and is the owner and operator of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

I've already gotten feedback from those who feel it's absurd to link game piracy to organized crime. I think this really shows how we as consumers see piracy in terms mainly of getting a bargain, and that most of us think it's a victimless crime. But
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