Film: Prayers for Bobby

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Film: Prayers for Bobby

Mary Griffith was devout Christian and mother, raising her children in the conservative teaching of her Church in the 1980’s in a small California town. Mary son “Bobby” confides to his older brother that there was something wrong with him and he thinks he is gay, many changes happen after that with the Griffith family. Bobby family accepted that he was gay, except for his mother who believed that being a homosexual is a sin and that God could cure him. Mary tried to change Bobby by taking him to a psychiatrist, religious studies, placing bible quotes around the house, spending more time with his dad and sets him up on a date. Bobby tries everything his mother offer, it just caused more withdraw and he goes into
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It was usually kept hidden most of the time. If people did know you were gay, it was rarely if ever talked about. Also a lot of gay and lesbians waited to come out or just refused to accept that they were gay. Bobby took a risk with coming out to his family, considering they were a conservative church family. It was very surprising that his dad accepted that he was gay and his mother was not accepting. In that time it was more of embarrassment for a father to have a gay son, almost like he didn’t’ raise his son right. With Bobby’s mother Mary I felt as if she was very religious and ignorant. Mary didn’t want to accept, because she just saw her own religious side of being gay and most likely no one talked about it openly either. I believe that Mary would have spent time with Bobby and learn more about homosexuality Bobby would not have commit suicide, even if she didn’t accept. Bobby Diaries was his only outlet where he could express his emotions. It took Mary to read the diary to see what her son was going through that he was fighting within side of himself to make his mom and God happy. I like the fact that the Reverend helped Mary to understand a better way of thinking and to help her have less of an ignorant outlook and when Mary started to understand that she needed to change. Mary also realized that bobby was born different at birth, that he didn’t just choose to be gay. I was glad that she became
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