Film Production Of The Movie Industry

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Movie Industry Statistics
Entertainment is a big business in most countries, particularly in America, and it even become bigger with the innovations and development of new technologies that allows easy film making, as well as the increasing interest of numerous individuals. Movie industry, also called as film industry comprises the commercial and technological institutions of film making such as film studios, cinematography, film production companies, film production, re-production, screenwriting, post production, distributions, film festivals and film directors, actors and other film staff.
Though the cost involved in making movies almost directly lead film production to focus under sponsorships of standing film production companies, expansion of the opportunities to get investment capital from the other field, and advances in reasonably priced film-making equipment’s, have allowed those self-governing film production to advance. This advancements have encouraged more and more movie production which currently generates millions and even billions of revenues.
Revenue of filmed entertainment worldwide
PwC has predicted that revenue in the movie industry worldwide will possibly grow from $88.3 billion in 2015 to $104.6 billion in the year 2019.
The generated revenue from movie entertainment in selected nations worldwide was measured in year 2013. The results show that United States of America remain on the top ranking, with revenue of more than 20 billion British pounds.
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