Film Reflection : Artificial Intelligence

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HRM4M1: Film Reflection Artificial Intelligence Teacher : Mr. C. Femia Student: Sherry XU Student Number: #344890603 Course Code: HRE4M1-05 Due Date: Monday, Nov.24th, 2014 With the development of the high technology, a drastic growth of advanced humanoid robots has occurred. Robots, who are never hungry and who do not consume resources become an essential part of society. These robots are called Mechas, which are used for serving mankind in various ways, such as housekeeping, cleaning and even displaying love for them. They are created to be capable of simulating humans’ minds, thoughts and emotions. David is a a child-substitute Mecha, an artificial life form in the movie, which is produced by Cybertronics company of New Jersey. He is designed to fill the vacancy of human emotions. The Cybertronics company gives David to one of their employees - Henry and his wife Monica, whose son has a serious disease. David mimics as their child and projects love for them, the same as any child would love its parents. David can not act as an “ agent ”. The agent is the person who makes things happen, who has his or her own mind and capacity to act. In other words, an agent has an intending self. However,
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