Film Review : An Analysis Of The Film Blackfish

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The film, "Blackfish", claims that the collection and separation of orcas is cruelty towards the whales. As evidence, Blackfish shows a first-hand account from one of the men who had been retrieving the whales about the process. A short video plays: the orca "collectors" whooping and flying across the water in their small boat while bombs sounded behind them. While explaining the process of netting and separating the whales according to age, the speaker, John Crowe, cries over the cruelty of separating the young ones from their parents, equating it to "taking a little kid away from its mother". He also states that the actions he had performed, while employed by SeaWorld, had been illegal. The first-hand account from one of these catchers lends itself to the credibility of Crowe's claims. The upbeat music and audio of the catcher video highlights these men as cruel, antagonistic, and driven by a harmful masculinity. When Crowe cries, it implies the argument that even among the people committing the acts, many knew it was wrong. Lastly, introducing legality issues introduces logic to the argument against taking orcas from the wild and keeping them in captivity. This makes the audience feel contempt for the retrieval process of orcas and those hired by SeaWorld to retrieve them, but also a black-and-white outlook against SeaWorld. The combination of using emotion and logic makes the argument strong, painting SeaWorld and the collectors as remorseless, money-hungry, and

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