Film Review : ' Avatar '

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In 2009 critically acclaimed director James Cameron released the film Avatar. The film would go on to be a massive success. It released with new, groundbreaking technology, was nominated for nine academy awards and won three. It is still the highest grossing movie of all time and currently has four sequels in the make. Central to the movie’s plot are the alien Na’vi. The Na’vi are shown as being different from humans; more spiritual and in touch with nature. There are clear parallels between the portrayal of the Na’vi and the portrayals of Native Americans in popular media. The parallels are so apparent that Avatar has garnered a reputation as being Dances With Wolves or Pocahontas “in space.” Some people, who think it is offensive to real world cultures, have actually accused the movie’s romanticized portrayal of the Na’vi as being racist. Is this true? And if so are there anyways this story could still be told without this pressing issue. The plot of Avatar revolves around a human corporation attempting to obtain a rare and valuable mineral called “unobtanium.” The greatest source of this mineral is found underneath a tree sacred to the Na’vi. There are two groups of humans that want to deal with the Na’vi in different ways. There are the scientists, who one to coexist with the Na’vi and get them to move peacefully. The corporation also controls a large mercenary army, that believes the only way to get the Na’vi to move is by force. The head of this
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