Film Review: Bhaji on the Beach

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Film Review: Bhaji on the Beach Introduction Bhaji is an Indian snack food whose identity has been "Westernized" in the British Isles. Director Gurinder Chadha has chosen bhaji as a metaphor for the lives of the women in this, her first feature film. Although Indian by birth, the characters, especially those of the younger generation, has been in large part, shaped by the culture of England, the country in which they live. Bhaji on the Beach not only examines this cross-cultural conflict, but also investigates in sexism and the generation gap, as well. Bhaji on the Beach is Gurinder Chadha’s first screenplay and is a stunning debut. This is a stark examination of some of the failings of contemporary Asian culture, but very much from the insider's point of view. This is not patronizing; this is true. Bhaji on the Beach is an energetic, race-and-sex-relations comedy that is a must see for anyone who thinks that putting these issues-of-the-epoch in the mass media is a nice way to deal with the traumas plaguing South Asian women. Community-orientated films are a superb way to dramatize, confront, and to come to terms with interracial sex and pregnancies, and other configurations that are a source of endless trouble for South Asian parents who just can't forget India, Pakistan etc. The Cast primarily is consisted of Ginder (Kim Vithana), a young mother who is seeking a divorce from an abusive husband (Jimmi Harkishin), Hasida (Sarita Khajuria) is a pre-med

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