Film Review : Chak De India

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"I take leadership to signify the act of making a difference"-Michael Usem. I think this quote best suits the movie "Chak De India". Recently, I had an occasion to watch my favourite movie Chak De India for second time. The movie "Chak De India" released in the bollywood under the guidance of Yash Raj production and written by great writer Jaideep Sahni and leading role played by Shahrukh Khan. Although this may be true that movies are for entertainment but I guess along with entertainment this movie made a deep impact and educate many things about a good leadership qualities. This movie mostly flashes light on the leadership practical approach of team building activity , problems solving, motivation, plus wining attitude and get best out from the player.
The story is about how a Indian hockey coach Kabir Khan leads Indian women hockey team. The movie is all about how the impossible is made possible, it is showed that even while facing obstacles, India wins Women 's hockey world cup. As we have learned from the book, that leadership is all about the proper human communication that revolutionizes the attitude and performance of the team member to meet up the shared goal in the same way this movie focuses on how a leader drives his team towards the goal which is first believed as impossible. It is shown that how the hockey team was not united, all team members played for self and not for the team. All the player belong to different region of the country and had diverse…

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