Film Review : ' Clueless '

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Film Review: “Clueless” In the media we see today, and movies that are continually coming out all have a central idea in common. They all show and represent the idealistic perspective of male versus female in society. From cartoons to chick flicks to romances and comedies we notice identifiable differences and trends represented between the two genders. In the movie I watched, “Clueless,” there are many examples illustrating male superiority over female, ideas of what femininity should be, and female appeal towards the male figures in the film. In the film, Cher the main character describes “daddies’ a litigator, those are the scariest kinds of lawyers, even our maid Lucy is afraid of him” (Clueless, Heckerling). This quote simply…show more content…
When she answers back to his remark he quotes, “is it that time of the month again?” The idea of being a female clearly consists of being feminine, and not talking back just staying quiet because that’s how society clearly views the role of females. Just because she stood up and answered back with a little higher tone her boyfriend did not accept it because in his eyes females should always be calm. On the other hand, his yelling and shouting clearly was not a problem for him, he saw that as normal. In “Iron Jawed Angels,” this is shown throughout the movie dating back females couldn’t vote, and it was not okay for some women to speak up for their rights, it was unaccepted by many males. For example, when Emily Leighton ‘s husband found out she was helping the National Women’s Party he confronted her and commanded her to stop giving them money simply because he is a Democratic senator . He basically only cares for what he wants and does not bring to attention his wife beliefs and rights. When she responds back to what he says he describes “I will be closing your bank account, you can only charge at the grocer’s and the bills will be sent to me”(Garnier, Iron Jawed Angels). In what he said it showed a sense of hatred and disapproval of his wife’s freedom and of spending her own money on something he does not like. The act of closing her bank account was a form of threat messaging that she should only listen to what he says or
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