Film Review Essay On Don T Get Out By Allan Peele

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Don’t Get Out

An exhilaratingly smart and scary freak out about a black man in a white nightmare.
- Manohla Dargis
The NY Times

I was totally blown out by the movie Get Out. This movie is surprisingly subtle and effective horror film for our time, which is written and directed by Jordan Peele. Being fan of Jordan Peele comedy sketches from Key and Peele, I went to the movie knowing his comedic and satirical chops, and his directorial debut definitely doesn't disappoint. This movie will be talked for quite a time.
Black photographer Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) visit Rose's parents for the weekend, where they will meet Chris for the very first time. He is initially hesitant when he finds out that Rose hasn't told her family that he is black, but she is quick to assure him that they are not racist, emphasizing that her parents would have voted for Obama for third term if they could. Shocked by his girlfriend’s parent’s behavior, he starts to think there is something odd at their house. The trip starts out innocent enough but it devolves quickly into something brooding and terrifying.
The movie runs smoothly and without anything suspicious until the scene where Chris and Rose are on their way to her parent’s house when they get interrupted when they hit a deer crossing the road and where
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While it does have some social implications that is up to each viewer to sort out, according to film director Peele, "the film isn't meant to alienate white viewers so much as let them see this experience that we've (black people) been living through." Although the film might be criticized for picking white group as bad and black people are always the victim, Peele says that he "wanted the movie to reflect the racism that exists in all of
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