Film Review: Food, Inc

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Dear Editor: I would like to call your attention to several important issues raised by the film Food, Inc. Specifically, the farming and food-production processes in the United States have become a national disgrace. By far, the most morally egregious problem is the utter disregard for animal suffering and the casual cruelty inherent in the inhumane conditions used throughout the industry. Other significant issues raised by the film include the causal connection between food industry practices and human health problems, and the complete domination of the entire food production chain by corporate conglomerates. Corporate profit and market dominance are not necessarily unethical; however, it is highly unethical for economically powerful entities to use their wealth to influence government legislators to enact laws intended to benefit those corporations through the lobbying process. Likewise, the degree to which the spirit if not the letter of laws prohibiting conflicts of interest between the private sector and Washington regulators is violated is appalling and antithetical to the fundamental democratic process of government. Perhaps the strongest evidence of the absolute lack of concern for animal suffering is that even the small-time farmer presented as the "good guy" because of his rejection of industrialized farming appears to have as little regard for animal cruelty as the corporate giants. His own procedure for slaughtering chickens by hand depicts employees quite
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