Film Review : It 's The Law

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The film “It’s the Law”, talks about the criminal justice system and all off its concepts and rules. The three most important concepts discussed in the film include the following: The Crime, The Investigation, and The Arrest.
The film describes a crime as being a violation of public laws which are the laws imprinted in the constitution and the law book of our society. According to the text Criminal Justice in Action, a crime can be defined as an action or activity that is considered an offense against society that is punishable by criminal law and sanctions based on laws. In the film, there are two different classification of crimes: a misdemeanor and a felony. Misdemeanors are petty crimes that can give you a punishment of less to a
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Even if you are taken in for questioning, everyone has a right to silence and doesn’t have to speak if they don’t want to.
Although some shows may show police officers using any means necessary to get a confession from people they take in for questioning, that is not the case. During police questioning there is no abuse allowed, they can’t use threats or coercion, and they can’t make any deals or promises with the suspect. If they have done any of these things to get a confession, then the confession can be thrown out and the police officers can be punished. The only lee way that police officers do have when questioning a suspect is that they can lie to the suspect. Besides deception, there is nothing else that they can do. When police officers are questioning a suspect that is a minor, they should have a parent with them; especially if the child asks for their parents. The lack of parental consult can also cause a confession to be thrown out.
Sometimes police officers don’t find the suspect and they keep digging for evidence and culprits. The film states that they can’t go searching in someone’s house without a search warrant, but any garbage is up for grabs because garbage is considered abandoned property. Police officers are also allowed to stop and frisk people if they have suspicions or evidence. So, that means that even if someone smells like marijuana and they don’t see them smoking it,
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