Film Review On The Film ' Cinema '

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Throughout the history of cinema, a never-ending evolution in technological progression – paired with filmmakers’ resourcefulness and ingenuity – allowed for the development of style and encouraged a more involved craft, thus giving individual films a specific personality which therefore eased the process of discerning which piece of cinema was created by which filmmaker. Because of the progress made in film technology, especially early on, certain aspects of filmmaking that once were inconceivable (camera movement, Foley, CGI) are often employed in the films that audiences view today. Although, while the evolution of technology may be linear, it cannot be assumed that quality of film follows the same trend. Instead, a filmmaker’s skill and a film’s quality should be judged based on how the artist utilizes their specific technologies to effectively elicit an emotional response from or communicate a narrative to their viewer. Just because a film uses new and cutting-edge technology, it by no means indicates the film is of higher quality. While the linear progression of technology in film provided filmmakers with a wider variety of tools to choose from, it was and always has been the artist’s knowledge and ability to successfully and perspicaciously operate the available technology in a way that is impressionable on the audience that truly defines a film as great. From audio developments, to editing advancements, to camera evolution, the progression of film technology…
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