Film Review: 'Plastic Bag'

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Topic 1: The short film, "Plastic Bag" by Ramin Bahrani is about the eternal life of a plastic bag. There is some mythic imagery within the short film in the first opening scenes when the plastic bag is "created". The bag with its arms sprawled as if on a cross looked like Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ to some is although real, appears to by a mythic symbol to others. When the cashier took him off to be used for groceries he looked like he was being taken down from the cross. Images are used as art by providing emotional resonance. People were able to associate a life to an inanimate object such as a plastic bag. He loved, the "girl" he loved was a pink bag. The dog and horses, and fish were "beasties'. And nature was a way for him to feel free. The vortex on the otherhand, the haven for plastic bags, seemed like a heap of mess that was boring for him to continue existing in. To be more specific, the story is about what a plastic bag has to endure during its journey. He finds a maker, is happy with his maker, is abandoned by his maker, tries to find her, cannot. He then finds love in a pink bag, loses her, finds other bags preaching about the void. He goes to the void, realizes it sucks and gets stuck in the ocean wishing it would be able to die. How I can relate to it is the need for myself to believe I have a maker. I want to be able to feel as though I am truly not alone. I want to find love. I want my life to eventually end, especially if I am severely limited. Being
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