Film Review : ' Royale With Cheese '

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Jasvinder Singh Prof. Sarah Markgraf Intro to Cinema 5 December 2016 Royale with Cheese Pulp Fiction by Quinton Tarantino falls into the genre of a Gangster film but has elements of other genres as well like Film Noir and Black Comedy. Pulp Fiction has a balance of drama and comedy along with hard to watch scenes like rape, violence, gore and heavy drug use. Tarantino’s style of movie making help make Pulp Fiction the classic it is today. The mise-en-scene, cinematography and other elements of movie, including sound effects and round characters leave us intrigued as well as content with the story structure as well as its ending. The storyline jumps from one storyline to the next and presented in nonchronological order. Tarantino gives us bits and pieces of one story then jumps to another. This style of narrative is unusual. Ultimately, the whole story comes full circle. The opening scene ends where the scene began. We see the conclusion of the robbery and how it connects to the film. In one of the first scenes with Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield, we see the pair going to collect money for their boss Marcellus. When Jules and Vincent go to the trunk to get their guns, we see them at a low angle. Props and dialog indicates the authority and danger of the two men. We now know they are gangsters. Singh 2 When Vega and Winnfield are in the apartment, Winnfield is standing in front of Brett making small talk. The scene is tense, although he is not

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