Film Review: Sam Bozzo's 'Blue Gold'

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Reviewing Blue Gold Reviewing Blue Gold Abstract: Sam Bozzo directed Blue Gold: World Water Wars in 2009. The total running time of the film is eighty-nine minutes, and the film is not rated (NR). The film is narrated by acting legend Malcom McDowell. The subject of the documentary is as the title suggests; the subject of the documentary regards the commodification of water. The film provides an overview and history of the issues of commodification and global privatization of water. The film is supposed to be informative. This film is most likely for world citizens that have little or no awareness about the issues of water privatization. The film is not necessarily for experts or other professional or private citizens with advanced knowledge. The film has several purposes, including to inform, but also to motivate and to generate an opinion. The opinion of the film and the filmmakers is quite evident over the course of the film. The film does not necessarily want viewers to agree with the film's position; the film is more concerned with citizens having an education and awareness regarding water privatization and how this industry will grow over the course of the next few decades. The film consists is a combination of elements. There is narration. There are motion graphic montages of photographs, texts, graphics, and B roll. There are interviews from assorted activists and corporate representatives. There is additionally footage of activism around the world in support

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