Film Review: Shrek

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Shrek, a Movie for both Kids and Adults Cartoons are generally intended for children. There are adult cartoons but most of the animated movies are directed at kids because they make it easy to produce fantasies and make heroes children can associate themselves with. Latest developments in graphics and cinematic technology, however, can turn cartoons into real-like images. A good example of a film that displays this technology is Disney's Shrek (2001). Shrek is a cartoon but its makers used latest computer-generated graphics technology to almost blur the boundary between a movie and a cartoon. So, Shrek is both a cartoon and a movie. Likewise, the filmmakers also blurred the boundary between Shrek's intended audiences. It is neither exclusively for kids nor exclusively for adults. Shrek is produced for both children and adults. In making Shrek, the filmmakers clearly had children in mind. It retains all the characteristics of Disney animated movies. Character-wise, we see the Three Little Pigs, Three Bears, and the Three Blind Mice, not to mention the Big Bad Wolf, Pinocchio, and Pete Pen. And when Lord Farquaad wants to find a bride, the Magic Mirror offers him three choices: Cinderella, Snow White, and Princess Fiona. Princess Fiona is the only new character out of the three. All other characters appear in the film so that its viewers, i.e. children, can associate them with their favorite cartoon characters. The story itself also reminds some of the older Disney

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