Film Review: Social Drinking With Alcoholism

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After serving in the war, Bill started casually drinking with his friends. Although Bill’s wife expressed that she does not like when he heavily drinks, he felt that he was in control and that he could quit whenever he wanted. Bill would find excuses to drink such as celebrations of the success he was having whether it was at his desk or at a bar with coworkers. When Bill was found passed out and caught the house on fire, he exclaimed to his wife that he was not drinking and that he was just tired. He felt that he does not have a problem or that it was is duty to drink with his coworkers. His drinking habits kept getting worse to the point where he needed his friends to bring him home. Bill would call his drinking “social drinking”. He still felt like he was not doing anything wrong. His wife got really tired of his habits and made him write a pledge and swear to the bible that he was not going to drink anymore. He tried to stay sober by using the help of his wife, but it only got worse. His problem with alcohol affected his job. Bill came home from drinking one night and he wasn’t breathing so he ended up at the hospital. His symptoms made him hallucinate. Although Bill was trying to sober up at home, he still managed to find money and buy…show more content…
Often people will get angry at the person with the disease because they don’t know how else to help them and feel they have done more than enough for them to recover. I learned that a person does not want to have an alcohol problem or chose to be an alcoholic. I learned a support group like Alcoholic anonymous can really help members recover because they have the space to talk to other individuals that know exactly what they are going through. I also learned that people that have a loved on that is struggling with alcoholism could receive the same type of mutual support you get at an AA
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