Film Review : Star Wars Series

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One often does not think about the impact of editing on a movie, but in reality the most acclaimed movies use editing masterfully. The now “cult classic” Star Wars series is a perfect example of how editing can be used effectively. Within Star Wars: Episode IV, The Empire Strikes Back, editing is used to not just tell a story. It is also used to grab the attention of the audience. The audience is drawn into another world. They are also drawn in to feel the emotions of the characters as well as consider their course of action if they were put in the same positions of the characters. Editing is an art form in and of itself, especially when one recognizes its impact on storytelling and the audience.

From beginning to end, The Empire Strikes Back, is a study of how to affectively use editing when telling a story. The movie begins with the protagonist, Luke Skywalker patrolling the boundaries of the rebel base on the frozen tundra of the planet Hoth. He is riding a large creature called a Tauntaun. Suddenly, an enormous Wampa, snow monster, attacks him and in the process, kills his Tauntaun. After the quick paced and violent scene, the Wampa proceeds to drag Luke away. During this scene, the transitional device used between the shots was cut. This form of transitional device was probably used because it is faster moving and does not allow the action to slow down. The effect allows the intensity to increase as the scene continues, and the fast movements, fast pacing, creates
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