Film Review : Sunset Boulevard

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Billy Wilder’s film, Sunset Boulevard, was released in the 1950’s as it continues to be a popular film that catches people’s attention. The film still captures the heart and mind of audiences that watch it today with its very dramatic characters and scenes. This film demonstrates a variety of themes and concepts through the choices of cinematography. Sunset Boulevard shows the dark side of celebrities and the flaws or downfall of becoming famous. Some main components of the cinematography in this film include the placement of lighting, the portrayal of specific scenes and their symbolism, the music choices, camera angles, and the camera position. This film is black and white but still contains many dark scenes that really capture the audience’s attention and give a suspenseful and depressing vibe. Norma Desmond is a washed-up movie star who only acted in silent films. But, in Sunset Boulevard, silent films were outdated and Norma became outdated with them. The silent film business was completely finished and films with talking began to get popular. She lived in a mansion with her butler Max, who ironically was her ex-husband. Whenever Norma’s mansion is shown in the film it is very dark, messy, and broken. It seems to be a strong representation of Norma’s life since she still thinks that she is a huge movie actress, when in reality everyone has moved on from her. When Joe first arrives at Norma’s house, she is presented in very dark colors with a dead animal in her house.
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