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Awarded for the Best Original Screenplay and Best Film at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) ceremony, director Jennifer Kent brings to life a unique form of horror in her psychological thriller film, The Babadook. The film focuses on a mother and her child as they go through a dark period of their lives. The mother, whose name is Amelia, lost her husband in a car crash when they were on the way to the hospital for her to give birth to her son, Samuel. Due to the death of her husband, Amelia battles with the anxiety of raising Samuel as a single mother. Just like any child, Samuel has a perpetual fear of monsters which causes him to react violently. This reaction causes a great deal of stress for Amelia, and because of his behavior towards the monsters, friends and family are distant from the two. When she thought it could not get any worse, they find a mysterious book in the house and begin reading it. The book discusses a creature called the Babadook or Mr. Babadook who, if you deny him, will become stronger and eventually consume you from the inside out. Terrified and unsure of what to do, Amelia attempts to get rid of the book, but it somehow reappears. As the film continues, Amelia becomes more and more consumed by the influence of the Babadook. She becomes violent towards Samuel, and at one point, she screams and shouts vulgar expressions towards him and starts terrorizing him. She becomes possessed and the very monster Samuel is scared of,
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