Film Review: 'The Box'

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Button Button (Order #A2089587) In 2009 a film was released called "The Box," starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden, but this movie was based on a short story by Richard Matheson about the human capacity for violence, weakness, hypocrisy, denial, guilt, responsibility and ethical behavior. (Diaz 2009) Matheson's story involves two ordinary folks who are given the opportunity to collect a great deal of money, but only if they push a button that will result in the death of some other human being. While the couple debated the ethical considerations of actually pushing the button, a number of considerations were taken into account. In the end, the wife, who had been leaning toward performing the nefarious deed, finally convinced herself to push the button; with disastrous results. Matheson's story is a an attempt to portray the eternal conflict between morality and evil that every human being must face in his or her life and the consequences of acting in immoral ways. By telling the story, Matheson demonstrated that all people must, at some time in their lives, face moral, or ethical dilemmas and attempted to describe the arguments that people inevitably engage. Firstly, the author portrayed the Lewis couple as an average working class couple who seem to make ends meet, but have very little left over for indulgences. This is important as it revealed that the couple were not in dire need of money and to push the button, to actually kill someone, would only enrich the couple
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