Film Review : The Film ' The Golden Age '

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(No Intro Yet) Due to the Great Depression that started in 1929, the film going audience had considerably diminished. In order to attract individuals back into movie theatres, studios produced films with themes and subjects that had great shock-value such as; violence, prostitution, and especially homosexuality. These subjects clashed with the preaching’s of the Production Code, as well as various local and national censor boards, and are known today as “pre-code” films. Although homosexuality was still a very taboo subject for society at the time, many studios were able to get past the laissez-faire individuals in the Hays Office, and display LGBT content and characters through onscreen insinuation or suggestion (Source). One of the first and central “pre-code” movies during Hollywood’s Golden Age to feature homosexuality is Josef von Sternberg’s hit film Morocco (1930), which stars Marlene Dietrich as a sexually independent woman. Dietrich created a sensation in the film during a scene where she’s clad in a suit and kisses a woman on the lips after a nightclub performance (Source). The juxtaposition of Dietrich’s femininity and the masculine imagery typically associated with a men’s suit can be seen to sexually magnetize both genders watching the scene. John Francis Dillon’s Call Her Savage (1932) is another “pre-code” film that implicitly displays homosexuality. In the film, two characters go to a nightclub where a duo of flamboyant waiters skip around the establishment

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